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The Friday Night Wing Fling Is Proudly Sponsored By:

ENTRY FEE $25.00 Entry fee includes a donation to charity & non-descript container for contestant’s wing entry.

1. Wings must be cooked from the raw state, excluding                     marinating. Any pre-cooked items will be disqualified.


2. 10 wings minimum for first round of judging. Keep 5 to 10            wings for any run-offs!


3. Important – do NOT add any type of decoration, veggie or             sauce accompaniment to your entry at turn it.  You will be         disqualified.


4. Each Cook/Cooking Team is expected to maintain as clean           and sanitary conditions as possible and to keep their wings       chilled and fresh before cooking.

5. Teams must bring their own tables, chairs, cooking                      equipment, fire extinguishers and any necessary                        equipment.    


6. Approved methods of cooking are Grilling, Smoker or Frying.

7. Cook’s Meeting at 6:00p.m. Cook’s will be given their wing           container at registration or during the cooks meeting.

8. Wing turn in at 8:00 p.m. SHARP!  Reminder – See Rule#3. 


9. Judging will begin at 8:15 p.m.


10. The winner will be selected by a panel of anonymous                   Judges, pre-selected prior to the event.


11. Non-Judges and bystanders will not be allowed in the                  Judging area.


12. Winners will be based on Taste, Appearance and Originality.


13. Trophy will be awarded to the First, Second & tyhird Place           Winners.


14. A Rubber Chicken will be awarded to the Wings that                     couldn’t Get Off the Ground.    

All contestants are responsible for clean-up. Dumping of oil on park grounds is prohibited.

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