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LAYF is committed to reducing the barriers to active outdoor participation by youth, expanding the opportunities for environmental education, and making it easier for parents and adult leaders to introduce kids to the outdoors. We believe that fostering a connection with nature among today's youth is a necessary component in building the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists. These individuals offer support to the children’s growth and development through a nurturing relationship, leading to greater self-esteem.


Think back to a special person in your life when you were growing up. It might have been a teacher, a coach, or a neighbor. Someone who was always there for you, someone who made you feel special, and someone you could talk to and they would listen. You can be that person to a child. For as little as an hour a week, you can be a mentor!


What do you like to do? Play an instrument? Read? Sew? Hike? Cook? Art? Computers? Play sports? Are you a business owner? A mechanic? An Attorney? Whatever it is you do in your life, there is always a young person who would be interested and with whom you can share your knowledge, talent, passion and time! Program Volunteers are partnered with LAYF staff to either assist with a program, or perhaps even lead a small group in an activity.

If you enjoy making a difference in a young person’s life…then come join us as a volunteer! please contact us at: All volunteers and mentors age 18 and up are cleared through background checks prior to working with our members.


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